Create your own cluster with k3s

August 15, 2023
Cluster, Kubernetes
Kubernetes, How To, K3s, Ha, Cilium, Metallb

For a long time, I’ve been trying to achieve a better configuration in my home lab. Since I have been working with Kubernetes (k8s) for an extended period of time, I have always desired an overkill configuration with multiple nodes for high availability. However, looking at the costs related to running such a setup, I got depressed. I then explored alternatives and came to the conclusion… Raspberry Pis! I bought 6 Raspberry Pis and said which one should I use k0s, k3s or some other lightweight k8s? ...

How to set up your kluster with helmfile

January 30, 2021
Helm, Kubernetes, How To, Cluster
Cluster, Helm, Helmcharts, Kubernetes, Helmfile

Helmfile is a tool that allows you to get more out of Helm. When you use helmfile, you can implement as many charts as you want. Helmfile allows you to template the charts with the values that you want, and it will ship it to your cluster. Helmfile brings modular deployments too, by this I mean that you can have a huge list of deployments, and you can say deploy only this group of helmchart, you can also deploy them in sequence. ...